The Old Records!

1. His birth ID was 13121985. He again came to this register which had entries between the years 1985 to 1994.

2. There was the library and the field where adepts disport. And yet it was not available to him for 33 years.

3. The day he joined the library in the year 2018, May: there were two more people in the assembly. Other than the librarian, it was one doctor who had a grey beard. He seemed very amicable in demeanor. He later told that he was born in the campus. He also told about Osho visiting the premise: a date on which there was an entry in the book which had a collection of his memorable letters.

4. The first entry has his name. He was a regular visitor and the librarian made his first entry after nine years. Shri Krishna Vaasudev Rao Daate also had a diary which he left here. It has its pages eaten up by fungus. The fifth of December has an entry with nine members. Certain Anand Tiwari, Shri Gopal Pateria and Dinesh Mishra stand out because : recent events highlighted those surnames. I saw a young boy on a bike. He has played Cricket with me but I hadn’t seen him for many days. His surname is same. After the fifth of December there are no entries until 14th of December. The gap had a birth identity created for me only a few kilometers away from that premise.

5. Nine entries on the fifth of December. Ninth month as the beginning of the entry register. On 17th of September: creation of a future prime minister. Eighth entry is by the doctorate in Chemistry who was not only born in the complex as per his own testimony but also visits the premise and reads newspapers with the librarian who joined him nine years afterwards. This might all seem like a make believe for it proves nothing as such but I was supposed to discover these records and keep them safe.

6. One practical inference is: with the advent of mobile phones and internet, the membership of library reduced further. Now only indwellers visit the library. He was, perhaps the only person who was not a theater artist and worked inside library premise since 2018. His involvement in the year 2019 was minimal. This entire campus has mysterious phenomenon but the library hall was royal court and it has plenty of space. It has ethereal record of hundreds of years of discussions. It did serve as a hall of gnosis for him for more than two and half years, though he had to struggle hard to continue working on cleanliness and maintenance of records. He looks forward to completing the second iteration of recording the titles and cleansing the drawers. Yesterday he came across the carcass of a dead lizard and today he saw a lizard who had regrown its tail.

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