A walk in the meadows!

1. I walked some rounds. Japanese guava strikes back!

Dhanateras setting!

2. No man is an island. Isle means island. But it’s not just land. It’s surrounded by the body of water whereas aisle is surrounded by rows of things or seats or people. The first has a value of nine and the second has a value of one. No man’s an island. Neither any woman.

Stalls where crackers are sold 2020!

3. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Dragonfly flyover overture

True color of love…

Towers Louvre

Revue oeuvre

Butterfly flyover flutterby

Bye and bye

Battling BATTUE lingashtakam

Lingastronomical calculus sulcus circus custard apple Appleseed.

A walk in the meadows. A talk to recall later.

Dragonball z: three giant snakes with tongues!

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