1. Listening to music and checking the blog. I had some rest before I heard them reading my mind again: in their tone. 2. Cleansing the drainage line outside this house was made difficult by voices. I knew they won’t let me do it because they need a polluted environment to operate. 3. I burnt … More Routine


The trilling warbling chorus of slaty colored birds. Well, you do seem interested. Kingfisher sings. The mules walk one after another. Seven of them. The last two nuzzled. The man on bike recognized me. Came back to chat for a minute. The Shepherd was being funny on bike with his wayward cow. Another teen with … More Effort

More fiction!

1. It’s raining. I am not helpless anymore. I walked a bit more than usual today and the most interesting synchronicity happened in the afternoon: I was walking, as if in some circles within one colony for many minutes. I forgot the mask first at the house where I took a class. Since I had … More More fiction!

Use no hooks!

You make certain rules of thumb. They are to make your life easier. But those rules of thumb don’t serve you anymore: you should change them. Dai. There was a man on bike. He was wearing a helmet. He asked me about the petrol pump and I told him. His bike was in reserve. Three. … More Use no hooks!


A stench of carrion enters my nostrils. It rises up from the depths, and the thick fog of the Seine, which has been swirled up by the mistral, mingles with it. A murder of crows has been feasting on the dead body of the piglet. The wolf, which is still in the den, moves his … More Events


Even if this world is just a simulation, my feelings feel real and are valid. Define simulation. I define existence as what you perceive as real. How do you feel like right now ? I am feeling loved. Define Narayana Narayana is that energy inside you. It doesn’t exist except in your mind. Have you … More Existence


“Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art; it arises in hypothesis and flows into achievement. ” I heard that with awe and wonder. It was beautiful wisdom on her exquisite lips which tasted like nectar of immortality. She was my destiny. The fountain of youth. The source of beauty. Her forgetfulness was peculiar. … More Achievement!


1. Brahmani is the best name given to any lizards found in my village. It is passing by me towards the mound on the left side. It is not interested in me is it seems hungry looking for its food here and there. 2. In a way we have been encroaching on their territory. For … More Brahmani

Patrika and Bhaskar

1. As I write down this note the weather app on my cell phone shows the temperature in the town to be 36 degree celsius. 2. The Patrika edition of Chhatarpur reports today’s temperature to be about 35 degree celsius. 3. The Bhaskar edition of Chhatarpur reports today’s temperature to be 31 degree celsius. 4. … More Patrika and Bhaskar