My [pronunciation] of the words is not good!

1. This is, one of the questions on Grammar quiz on WFP. Free rice site operated by United Nations. Yemen emergency needs us to act with kindness. 2. The only problem is: this question hasn’t been edited for some reason in the last two years despite my complaints. The two options in this question are … More My [pronunciation] of the words is not good!

The Trip to Chita!

1. Articles 13 and 14 of constitution of India. Equality before law and exemption from certain laws in special cases(ex: article 31) 2. I went on a trip. The plan was to watch a football match in the local stadium. A tournament. Something else happened. There were some kids in the nets. There used to … More The Trip to Chita!


1. Stopwatch of my android smartphone shows 09:30:51 2. I clearly remember walking for about 9 minutes before I sat to read. It was about 06:47 AM. 3. The smartphone clock shows: 10:00 AM. 4. By using points second and third above, it can be deduced that about 03:13:00 should be the reading on stopwatch. … More 09:30:51

Whatever Happened!

1. Having spent more than 4 months on Blogger’s World as author: I feel successful in having fulfilled my promise to myself. I survived and it’s working. I feel it’s fully functional as an active blog now. As many as 6 bloggers have posted there in the last one month. Many new bloggers are being … More Whatever Happened!

Onion roots!

Three of them were sowing onion roots in the field. Eastern side near cowshed. I needed cudgel. I asked them if it was the season. They confirmed. How do we keep getting onions whole year then? Those are Kaanpuri. They answered. Obviously, they come from stores. One of the ladies tied a heavy bunch of … More Onion roots!