64 Words!

If you know what the heavens is going on, you’re probably full of it!

–Rober t Anton Wilson.


[ I replaced the words hell with heavens and it with shit for the sake of respectability, beatific effect. ]

This verse is inspired by James Harbeck’s blog post on his blog Sesquoi tica :


iso sohum hummingbird

isomer murmuring ringulated rigmarole

Rolex Lexi Lexington tonnage menage

menagerie agent gentry tryst teaser

pale palaeo leo paladin dindinabulation

ablution tuition fees ease cease and desist sisters sistern lantern mist

chemist Alchemist brotherhood full metal jacket KitKat

Niranjan January I ran Anschluss

drayfuss omnibus succubus busted

scattered shit hit wicket thicket

a ticket to ride the bus.

red redressal recesses cesspool.

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