After Deendayal Rasoi Day Five!

1. I took some pictures: uploaded them on instagram before I began writing this article. The weather is pleasant.

2. It is Sunday market. The Ramlila ground was fully occupied. I had a pleasant meal in Deendayal rasoi. The scrubber was inside the soap bucket. I looked for it around me and then dipped my hand inside the bucket. Guacamole is avocado dipped in a dish. Dipped in what?

3. I saw an exquisite Robin after exiting toilet. I washed my feet before I came to this place.

4. This has been an extraordinary year in many senses. Despite all miracles: it seems as if it’s a huge burden i am carrying. Most people don’t recall words from our last conversations whereas I tell them about chains of events and causation in vain. It’s because of miracles: it seems like an eternity. And there’s an eternity in the making. There’s no death, no aging or defeat in this game.

5. I developed following models for young people I used to interact with:

A. Game

B. Journey

C. War

D. Dream

E. School

6. I have no doubt that I love the School model the most. And yet: these are merely five prime models. There can be countless such models.

7. Journey model is used by Guru or psychonauts. Internal or external journeys are used with landmarks to ascertain progress. Crystalline intelligence is mostly about memories. Good or bad. Organized or disorganized.

8. Every model overlaps with other. As Kabbalistic sephirods scheme has material and spiritual worlds overlapping each other.

9. Take Truth realm universe or Sachkhand for example. There can be countless witnesses to tell about their experiences. I use it to debunk myths.

10. Try it: things are what they seem. If you see people : you’re seeing people. If you see trees: you’re seeing trees. If they say no: they mean no.

11. The laws are wierd and merciless.i participated in making of a video which was shot under Ashok tree. I was a reluctant participant. That journalist is present in the library today. He’s a member of the trust. I was reading “Teere Teere Narmada,” by Amritlal Vegad then. I wanted to buy the book but as they had only one copy left: I didn’t.

12. Shri took my picture. We were reading the post about fishes that was published yesterday from this very spot. First she asked why I don’t upload my selfie pictures on my blogs. Then, without my permission she took two shots. I asked her to show them to me-out of curiosity about my appearance. Then I requested her to delete them. She didn’t. I asked her to give me a picture of her face. She refused. I kept taking her shots with hope of capturing her face. She covered it. Then she asked me to not use her body’s picture on my blog. I agreed. What’s so special about our faces? Conditioning.

I reminded her to not behave in a way with others in which we don’t want others to behave with us.

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

13. She also showed a sketch done by her. She cut the paper and used it on back of her smartphone. She’s quick to learn and evolve. It was indeed flattering to have my picture captured by someone. But I don’t want to feel incapacitated. She refused to be captured. So did I. One day I was captured and they refused to delete my picture. I didn’t like it.

Eventually: she deleted my images and showed her phone. I deleted all 14 of her images and showed it to her.

14. She didn’t do her homework again. Why do people behave the way they do? We played on Free Rice: German, Algebra and Chemical symbols. She gave up on the last one very easily. Scored much better than me on German but lost on Algebra.

The key to score better than her is:

1. To not to chat with her as you play.

2. To focus on maximizing score instead of being righteous.

3. To not to multitask.

15. All indo-germanic languages have similar roots. That’s why I find it easy to answer questions on German and Spanish though I have never studied them systematically.

16. If I kept playing on Free Rice: soon I would be able to learn basic working ‘visual vocabulary’ of all languages offered there: German, Spanish, Greek and Latin.

17. As I was listening to Lucky Ali’s song from his album Sifar: the triangle on the palm symbol attracted my attention. Mercury, Saturn and Moon mounts are on top of three lines which create the triangle. The shape of Paratha. The cone. The dot in the centre is verily the Sun. The Self. The void. The black hole. Neither nor, either or, 1/0. Sefer Yetzirah.

18. Those who are quick to promise are found faltering when required to fulfill them. Don’t trust young people about serious issues. Buying half a kilogram of guava costs 20 rupees whereas eating them by plucking from a farmer’s farm brings 1000 demons of guilt. This is what comes from experience. If your requirements are simple, definable and affordable : they can be fulfilled if you’re willing to pay the price.

19. Ramcharan Vidyarthi came as I was cataloguing books. He told about Damayanti madam not being happy with my sweeping of library hall. I have been sweeping it on every Saturday. Yesterday she got it Sweeped before I reached. This gave them the right to talk behind my back, then bring it to my front, then make me write it and earn extra brownies. This is the way of the world. A tall broom is needed to remove cobwebs. I should have shown knack of tying the broom to the bamboo which was put outside the library hall. I didn’t.

20. Why should I learn driving a second hand Maruti 800 which has a complex gear mechanism when technological advancements have brought cars which run via manual gears which are as easy as flying personal chartered planes?

21. Why this third world mass manufacturing market of filth has all of the people producing offsprings who have similar fates? Limited and oppressing?

22. I set myself a goal to again reach Kumbhaka level 4 minutes. Lia was responding to oxygenation then. I confounded her with Nandita. Prosopagnosia. I had achieved it in 2003. This year took me on excursions which taught me mysteries of Atma Pariyojna. Mysterious ways of Kabbalistic Deuteronomy. I had to shut myself off comletely as every walk used to bring experience worth one book.

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